silhouetteWho am I? What makes me qualified to give recommendations on all things Kilimanjaro?

I am a former Kilimanjaro guide who worked on the mountain for about three years with one of the top operators. I lived and worked in Tanzania as a foreigner. In my time span there I accumulated a lot of good info about climbing Kilimanjaro and have put it all together in a easy to reference website.

On this site I talk about how to choose routes, which outfitters to go with, when to climb, how to train, the recommended gear, etc. My hope that people will find the site useful as an objective, legitimate source.

Note that I don’t sell anything nor do I still work on the mountain.  I’m just passing along advice I think people would like to know as they prepare for a Kilimanjaro adventure. However, I do receive a tiny percentage of sales from any purchases on Amazon. My hope that it pays for the site maintenance.

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